Polarpro Landing Gear For Phantom 3


The PolarPro Landing Gear for the Phantom 3 increases stability of the Phantom 3 by widening the stance. The Landing gear securely clips onto the legs for easy installation and removal.

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By widening the legs the Phantom 3 is less prone to tipping over during rough takeoff’s and landings. The landing gear also enables the Phantom 3 to take off from uneven surfaces. In addition to the wider stance, the legs also raise the Phantom 3 up by 1 inch to keep the camera further away from the dirt.

The Landing Gear is a great addition to help protect your DJI Phantom 3.


  • Landing Gear makes Phantom 3 more stable on ground
  • Prevents tipping over during rough takeoffs/Landings
  • Easy snap-on installation / removal
  • Lifts Phantom 3 one inch keeping camera away from dirt/sand
  • Fits Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, Professional